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Toshi Tikolo is a professional singer. Presenter, actress, composer, poet, Scriptwriter, Guitarist and song writer. Born in Kwalanga Township. Cape Town, but originally from the Eastern Cape, Ladyfrere kumaQhashu‘ she is an intelligent and humble woman proud to have been raised by her grandmother. She has always been passionate about music through her journey in life. One cannot be surprised by the fact that Toshi chose a career in music seeing that she fell in love with music and had her first experience with a guitar at th eage of 6. she is currently signed to Tosherian Entertainment productions and release her debut album. Ubuhle bendalo under it in 2017. Just the mere mention of the soundtrack ’BUYA” has any house music fan dancing away. The single by Black Coffee featuring the talented Toshi has garnered air playing radio airwaves since its release and it has received great reviews that have punted people to ask who this is?

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